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What the heck is Olaplex??

Scientifically, Olaplex is a system that goes into the middle of your hair and puts the bonds back together. Simply, it is a system that makes your hair very healthy.

Our hair breaks because it is weak from the disulfide bonds breaking from everyday styling, shampooing, the wind etc.

I add Olaplex to every service to ensure that your hair stays healthy

and strong even as your hair gets older, weaker and more brittle.

Olaplex is unique because it works on all hair types without weighing it down. Each time you use Olaplex, you will be repairing your hair making your hair more manageable, even on the days you don't feel like styling!

Olaplex is an easy way to keep your hair healthy between visits.

The shampoo, #4 is a luxurious, thick lathering shampoo that allows you to use very little to get your whole head clean!

The conditioner, #5 is very thick and spreads easily. But don't let it fool you, it will not weigh your hair down. #5 adds the right amount of moisture for all hair types.

Not only is it a shampoo and conditioner, Olaplex has a-mazing styling products.

These products are my favorite!

Most of the time, they are all I use.

Hands down, the best styling products for all hair types!

Olaplex Bond Smoother, #6, will smooth, add shine, and keep your hair silky-soft while protecting it from any heat you use.

The best oil I've ever used it the Olaplex #7! It's completely weightless, so it will smooth the little fuzzies on your head without weighing it down.

To continue your salon experience of Olaplex at home and repair the broken bonds weekly, we have #3.

I love using #3 with a deep conditioner. Together #3 and Honey and Oat Mask make my hair feel like I just left the salon!

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