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Gray Blending Specialist

Each price is a starting point and based on medium thickness, collar bone length hair. Each time I have to mix more color, there will be a charge of $10 per bowl. Toners are not included in prices. Toners are an additional $20.

Express Gray Coverage

100% full gray coverage in around 1 hour.

If you only have a short amount of time, but must get those gray hairs covered, this ones for you!

I will cover your gray and give you a deep conditioning treatment at the same time!

After you process, I will blow dry your hair and show you the faster, easier more efficient way to style so you can spend more time doing what you love while looking and feeling your best.



Includes 1 bowl of color

home of the 10 minute 100% gray coverage in Cleveland, Ohio
Grey,gray blending colorist

Express Grey Coverage/Olaplex and Haircut

Do you only want one color root to ends or greys covered?

We will consult to decide what color best fits your skin tone and lifestyle.

I will add a custom bond re-builder to ensure your hair feels better leaving than when you came in.

Before we cut your hair, I will give you a relaxing scalp, and hand massage.

After the cut, I will walk you through step by step, to create your new look at home.

Rejuvenate your look every 4 to 6 weeks.


Includes 2 bowls of color

Partial Highlight or Partial Grey Blending /Olaplex/Gloss and Haircut


Do you need to freshen up some old highlights or add some brightness around your face?

Maybe your grey blended?

We will consult to decide what is right for you.

This Experience includes foils, scalp massage, hand and arm massage, haircut, blow dry and customized bond re-builder.

Need to touch-up your grey, too?

There is plenty of time for that, too.

Rejuvenate your look every 6 to 8 weeks.

Includes 3 bowls of color

best colorist,grey,gray blending specialist in Fairview Park, ohio, Rocky River, ohio, Cleveland,Ohio
#1 Salon in Cleveland Ohio
Best hairstylist, 


Full Highlight/Gray Blending/
Olaplex/Gloss and Haircut

Do you need everything done?

Highlights, root touch up, Bayalage, haircut?

Is it time for a makeover?

We will consult to decide what is best for you.

You will leave feeling like a new person.

This experience includes foils, scalp massage, hand and arm massage, haircut, blow dry, and custom bond rebuilding treatment.

Rejuvenate your look every 6 to 12 weeks


Includes 4 bowls of color


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer other services?

I offer all kinds of services, these are just a few. I specialize in color. Each of these  Experiences is customized to exactly what your hair needs

What do I book for if I haven't seen you in awhile?

Please go to the new guest page and start there. You are considered a new guest if I haven't seen you in 6 months or more

What is a custom bond rebuilder?

My goal is to keep your hair at its healthiest. Everyday styling, weather, and coloring can destroy your hair. The bond re-builder is added to your hair color. While your color is processing, the bond re-builder goes into your hair to repair it on a molecular level. Making your hair stronger and healthier then it was when you came in.

Do you offer just a haircut?

At this time, no. I am not taking clients that don't get color.

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