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Have we met?

I am Beth Younkin. I love my job. Making women feel beautiful and confident is my jam!

I am a Mom to 5! I have 3 kids, Tyler is 19, Alina is 17 and Raiden is 12. I have two dogs. Shield is a Mastiff and Kaya is an English Bulldog.

Kaya Rae and Shield

I have a husband who is the love of my life and works at the USPS.

My favorite things to do are playing with my family, walking the dogs and Yoga. Yoga gets very interesting when the dogs join!

I tried to get them into downward dog, this is what I got!

I love to eat french fries and cheese burgers.

To pass the time, I watch the Bravo channel. Any reality tv will do if there isn’t anything on Bravo.

Now that I told you that I am a French Fry, burger loving Yogi, what do you like?

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