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Are you a good candidate for gray blending?

Depends on how much of your gray you want to see...

If you want to be able to go longer then 6 weeks between appointments and don't mind seeing some of your gray after being colored then gray blending is for you!!

Gray blending is done using foils.

Each foil will have a lowlight or highlight inside.

Highlight means a lighter color.

Lowlight means a darker color.

With gray blending, I can completely customize the placement.

Hair does not gray evenly. There are patches of solid gray and patches of dark all over your head.

I will add highlights where your hair is dark and lowlights where it is light.

Customized color will create a blended look between your gray hair and the colors we decide to add.

I reccomend using 2 to 3 colors in your hair. It gives the most natural, blended effect allowing you to go 8 or more weeks between visits with me!

Does this sound good to you?

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