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A Private Salon Experience

What should you expect from a visit to my private salon?🤔

Your experience starts with my online booking system.

You can get there by going to hairbybethyounkincom. I will walk you through step by step how to book your appointment, where to park, when to arrive, what to expect with new covid policies, and that's before you get into the salon!😮

Once you arrive, I will greet you in the hall so you know exactly where to go.

You will make yourself at home in my private room.

Yes a private salon room.

My only concern will be you.

We will talk about your goals and dreams for your hair.

Once we've made our plan, I will get started on your hair. If you want to make small talk, we can, if not no worries, we can be quiet.

You will process for JUST 10 MINUTES!

Then I will give you a relaxing shampoo, when I put your treatment on, I will give you a scalp massage, put a hot towel on your head, then give you a hand and arm massage.

Once I've cut your hair, I will walk you through how to style so you can create the same look at home. Sounds great, doesn't it? 👸🏼

What are you waiting for? Go book now!!

Process for just 10 minutes without anyone around you!

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I am Beth Younkin. I love my job. Making women feel beautiful and confident is my jam! I am a Mom to 5! I have 3 kids, Tyler is 19, Alina is 17 and Raiden is 12. I have two dogs. Shield is a Mastiff


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