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Have you ever wondered how to get the just left the salon look from home? Have you tried and tried to recreate the look you chose, but you never get it right? Have you ever left the salon and thought,” I can style my hair, I love what she did!!”, only to get home and completely forget what she said to do with this gel or that brush or that spray-thingy.

I completely understand how all these scenarios happen. Most of the time, you are completely relaxed while you are getting your hair done, so it feels like you are retaining what I am saying, but the reality is that you will only retain less than 12% of what I have said. Then when you go home with the products I have recommended; you literally can’t remember what to do with them! That’s where a Hairstyling Party will come be a fun, interactive way to learn and retain how to style your hair.

I will come to your home to teach you and a few of your besties how too look like you just walked out of the salon, even though it is 8 a.m. Monday morning! Each Hairstyling Party is completely custumizable and based on what you and your guests want to get out of a Hairstyling Party. You and I will talk several times before your party to determine what kind of Hairstyling Party you’d like.

There are 4 basic parties to choose from. Signature will teach you basic styling techniques for hair that is shoulder length or shorter. Flat iron will teach you smoother looks with a flat iron. Curls will teach everyday curling techniques. Night out will teach curls and evening looks where curled hair is the focus for the evening. With each look you will learn the basic look from dry hair to finish. As a bonus, I will also teach you 2 other looks from the basic to do on second day hair! I know, right! Your always excited for something new, but when you don’t have to shampoo the next day it is huge!!

Now that you’ve chosen your Party, you can relax. I will do the rest. Parties are usually 2 hours long. The best part of Hairstyling Parties is you get to bring the tools you have to work with! There is nothing worse than going home to see you don’t have exactly what I have, then giving up because you don’t have exactly what I do at the salon. I will teach you with the tools you already have. If you need something more up to date, I will make recommendations for you.

Ready to Book Your Hairstyling Party? Leave me a message here with the best times to contact you.


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