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Loft 21

Inside Salon Lofts

3141 Westgate Dr

Fairview Park, Oh 44116


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Welcome and Thank You for choosing Hair by Beth Younkin for your hair care needs.


I can't wait to meet you!

Book your appointment



You'll start by filling out the New Client  form listed below. This will help me get to know you better and what you are looking for.

Next,you'll use the online booking system to make your appointment.


Use your best judgement when booking. If we need to adjust the timing I will contact you.

Hair by Beth Younkin is located inside Salon Lofts in the Westgate Shopping area of Fairview park.


When you arrive at Salon Lofts, you will go directly to loft 21. If I am with another client, please have a seat. I will be with you as soon as I am finished.

We will begin your appointment with a consultation. We will talk about your hair expectations, hair history, and lifestyle to create a look for you.


I will go over what our final plan is and we will get started.

I will teach you how to style and maintain your look.


Every time you return, we will go over what worked for you and what didn't to ensure your hair is always BEAUTIFUL!

Ok! Ready to book your Royal Experience? New Clients fill out the new client form then click below on your Royal Experience to book.

Looking for the works all over your head?

Highlights,color, haircut, pampering

Looking for highlights around your face,color,haircut,pampering

Looking for  one color roots to ends,no highlights,haircut,pampering

Looking for a womens haircut and style,pampering